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*All images that are on this website have been taken by myself, unless otherwise stated.

Ho'omaluhia Botanical Garden
August 2015

  1. Little Bird
    Little Bird
    A small bird perched on a branch
  2. Little Bridge
    Little Bridge
    A bridge that connects two parts of the gardens
  3. Helpful Sign
    Helpful Sign
    A sign that points in the direction of the lake
  4. Quack
    A native duck that stopped by to say hello...or maybe it wanted some bread
  5. Lake
    A small lake in the middle of the botanical gardens
  6. Lake Take 2
    Lake Take 2
    Another view of the lake. There is a picnic bench for people to use
  7. Flower
    Random picture of a flower at the garden
  8. Meow
    A stray cat that was hanging out at the welcome center
  9. Busy Bee
    Busy Bee
    A bee doing it's thing. I was lucky to get this shot
  10. Helpful Sign Take 2
    Helpful Sign Take 2
    Another sign guiding people to the lake
  11. Lonely Bench
    Lonely Bench
    A bench under tree for people to rest